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Resource Checklists for Individuals and Businesses

For individual Taxpayers, Taxly Associates would like to start with a free gift to ensure you aren't missing deductions. 




Download our popular checklist to help you get more this year! 

Pickup & In-home

Tax Preparation

In an effort to provide accomodations for our commninty, Taxly will now provide an additional service for pickup and in-home services to loved ones that are unable to leave their home or others in long term care facilities. If you prefer we come to you, we have you covered.

Tax help you need with the largest refund you can flex, guaranteed.

Chat, call, or email

Onboard and snap info

Review, approve, flex

Did you hear that Cash app and other platforms are required to send you a 1099-K for payments received over $600 in 2023?

Yes, that is true. Let's take a closer look though. You will need to be sure your situation triggers a tax liability. Don't just hand over your 1099-K to your tax preparer. 


Walking neighbor's dog for compensation


Sell a leather couch for $1,000. (Can show receipt for purchase from retailer over $1k+)

There are specific steps to take in order to only pay tax on items that are received and used for goods and services. Our tax pro's will instruct you exactly what you will need to provide. 

Ready to make or change an appointment? Go ahead, we're with you all the way. 

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